Womens Vocational Training: Mahila Training Markaz

A New Center for Women with Interrupted Lives.

The young women of India make up the majority of high school drop outs. With too much work to do at home, this pressures young women to suspend, or end their education permanently. Drop-outs never realize their true potential, and can become socially isolated. In youth, these women should be brimming with hope and pride, yet find themselves discouraged and defeated. 

The MTM is an answer to their troubles, providing women with a community to learn, grow, and learn trades--giving meaning to their lives. Aligarh, India is a muslim populated area of Uttar Pradesh. Conservative Muslim ideologies are generally regressive, rather than progressive, when it comes to female education and their roles in society. Women are expected to remain at home to complete the daily chores. 

The situation is worse for girls. According to government statistics, the dropout rate among
adolescent girls is as high as 64 percent. A significant number of these are girls from Dalit,
tribal, and Muslim communities, who leave school without completing grade VIII, usually
when nearing puberty. They are particularly vulnerable to child marriage. Their largely wage
earning parents worry about leaving a teenage girl alone at home, and prefer to marry them
early, fearing that unmarried teenage girls face greater risks of sexual abuse.
— Human Rights Watch/April 2014

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