Trailblazers Cambodia Organization

New Solutions for Environmental Issues of Cambodia

The Challenge

It is the environmental challenges in Cambodia which have the most devastating effect on local economies and industries. Climate change has altered weather patterns leaving Cambodian farmers anxious, and uncertain whether their parched rice fields will be flooded soon. In response to environmental challenges, and climactic shifts, Cambodians must take matters into their own hands and respond to new threats. Trailblazers Cambodia Organization introduces unique strategies to village communities, equipping them to adapt to these environmental challenges. 

The Innovation

In this rapidly changing environment, Cambodia now acknowledges that the current practices do not stand a chance against the environmental issues of the day. Trailblazers Cambodia Organization introduces new strategies, such as:

-Enhanced aquaculture techniques, designed to boost fish populations during drier seasons.

-Emphasizing importance of organic vegetable production, and the development of markets for organic produce.

-Life skills training for village and school communities. Workshops and classes cover ways in which lay Cambodians can learn productive agricultural and fishery skills that would not have otherwise been taught in any public school.

Implemented in Partnership With:

“Seasonal practices are now changing and the growing cycle for rice is changing more and more. Many farmers lose their seedlings when the rains are delayed. The rains appear to be coming later than usual in line with climate change projections for Cambodia and the region.”
— Richard Friend, UN Human Development Programme

More in depth:

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